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Landing Page Design

Price Per Page: $750
A landing page presents your product, offer, event, or service in a way that highlights pain points of your viewers, demonstrates the expertise and success of your brand, explains the benefits of your offer, and drives the viewer to a convincing call-to-action. It has one specific goal, so unlike traditional websites, viewers are not confused by multiple distracting links. Here are some of the pages we can design for you:
  • Free Event/Opt-In: Get people to sign up for your upcoming webinar or download your lead magnet, building your contact list for future interactions and potential sales.
  • Signature Offer: Encourage people to buy a product, whether it is a standalone item or the signature offer that you'll present during your event.
  • Upsells & Courses: We'll create the additional pages to transition visitors from free opt-in to buying your low-ticket offer to contemplating your order bump upsell.
Each page also comes with:
  • Payment Gateway: Collect payments via Stripe, PayPal, and other third-party processors directly on your page.
  • ​E-Mail Automation: We'll create a welcome e-mail for those who opt into your page and have it (along with any digital assets you offered) automatically sent to them when they subscribe.
  • Storage of 3,000 Contacts: No need to pay for storage of your subscribers' information - we'll store up to 3,000 contacts for life.
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